Hi, I’m George

I’m so glad you decided to drop by and learn more about how you can improve your life by becoming a better manager of your resources. I have dedicated my life to helping people become better stewards of their time, their talent, and their treasures.

We have all been blessed with these same three resources – Time, Talent, and Treasure – and our level of success is determined by how well we deploy them in our lives. This is not only true in financial matters, but also in your relationships, your health, and even in your leisure. We are called to be good managers of all those things.

Throughout my career, I have taught about finances by teaching about ‘whole life’ success because to be successful financially, you have to manage the rest of your life well too.

As you find your way around this website, you have many options to help you based on what you need, whether it is one of my books, an article on a topic that interests you or a video of me speaking. I hope some or all of them will be a blessing to you.

A Little About Me

Along with being a devoted father of two twin boys and a daughter, a husband, and a Pastor of Stewardship and Finance at Faithful Central Bible Church, I am also a nationally recognized financial expert and motivational speaker.

I have written several books: Millionaires In Training: The Wealth Builder, Set-4-Life: The Diary of a Champion, and coauthored The Total Package: The Keys to Acquiring Wealth and Walking in Divine Health.

My most recent books are part of a series called Ready, Set, Grow where I have taken over 20 years of teaching and living out these life stewardship principles and turned them into easily digestible lessons for anybody to consume.

The two books are The Wealth Cycle and Set-4-Life.

I am also available for speaking engagements.

Walking Out Blessings in Your Finances and Life

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