State of the Markets – 2023 Webinar

Join George and his team to discuss the stock market's recent movements, including the impact of the pandemic in 2020 and the prominence of growth and dividend-paying stocks in 2021. We talk about challenges in 2022 related to inflation, gas prices, interest rates, and international conflict. We also discuss economic indicators, headwinds, and tailwinds affecting...

Beginner Tax Planning Strategies Webinar

In this seminar, we discuss essential tax tips for individuals and businesses. We will guide you through important topics like timely and accurate tax payment, tracking taxes, and using calculators to estimate payments. We'll also delve into the complexities of cryptocurrency and how it affects your taxes, with valuable insights on reporting gains or losses...

Mastering Your Finances Webinar

Cash flow is important and how you manage your money is even more important. Learn strategies how best to maximize every dollar you earn.

The Wealth Cycle Webinar

Join us for an insightful seminar where we dive into the strategies for saving, investing, and achieving financial growth. In this video, our experienced hosts, George B. Thompson, Julianne Lopez, and Shayna Malcolm, discuss key topics such as budgeting, debt management, investment options, taxes, insurance, estate planning, and the importance of giving back. With practical...

21-Day Fast Start Challenge (Faithful Central)

Join us on a transformative journey to financial freedom with the 21-Day Fast Start Challenge. This challenge empowers you with practical tools and insights to take control of your finances and build a path to abundance. Each day, you'll delve into essential concepts, from mastering your mindset and intelligent money management to practicing disciplined spending...

Build a Legacy Webinar

How do you build wealth? What do you have to do to make sure you build a strong foundation for your children and your children's children?


Build the Retirement of Your Dreams

Crafting the Golden Years: How do you lay a wise foundation for retirement? Dive into strategies not just for your twilight years, but to leave a legacy for generations to come. Join us at 'Build the Retirement of Your Dreams' and shape a future beyond your wildest expectations.