Family Savings Day

Basic skills and attitudes form early and lay the foundation for later financial well-being. When children are ages 3 to 5, help them learn to stay focused, make plans, follow directions, complete tasks, and solve problems.

Help your child build key skills with:

  • Money Sort
  • Pretend Play
  • Money as You Grow book club
  • Conversation starters

Building money habits and values

Kids in middle childhood begin to absorb and interact with the financial world around them. When children are ages 6 to 12, help them with rules of thumb and day-to-day habits that shape how they earn, save, and shop.

Help your preteen build key skills with:

  • Bingo on the Go
  • What’s on a Receipt
  • Money as You Grow book club
  • Conversation starters

Practicing money skills and decision-making

Making their own financial decisions starts to set teens and young adults apart. When children are ages 13 to 21, you can give them chances to make money choices, experience natural consequences, and reflect on their decisions.

Help your teen build key skills with:

  • Family Members’ Jobs
  • What’s on a Pay Stub
  • College Scorecard
  • Conversation starters

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    There is always something that can be saved or sacrificed. It’s a matter of choice.

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